What questions should you ask real estate agents?


Asking the right questions will make you thousands!

Selling your home is one of the most financially impacting events you will ever undertake. Sellers often ask questions of prospective real estate agents but are they the right questions to ask?

‘What is my property worth?’

‘How much do you charge?’

These are often asked by sellers and yes, you need to know the answers. However, remember that an agent has one major objective which is to WIN YOUR BUSINESS! Therefore, the answers they give are governed by the motivation to secure your property. Over quoting and under cutting can be extremely damaging, affecting what you will actually receive in your pocket after the sale.

Make questions like these your priority:

  How do you negotiate with buyers on our behalf?

  Do I have to pay anything if I don’t sell?

  What should I leave off the to-do list because it may not add value?

  Do you have a team of agents who also have a list of ready buyers?

These questions and many others can provide a helpful insight into ensuring you receive more and outlay less when you sell. Want to know more questions to ask? Give our team a call today and we can provide them to you.