Costs to consider when selling


Property sales involve a minefield of costs, some of which are unknown and others are avoidable. We believe it’s important for sellers to consider these costs when planning their future move. So what are these costs?

  1. Financial costs: agent fees, marketing and administration expenses (which can include unnecessary add-ons), conveyancer or lawyer fees, and costs associated with buying a new property if you are selling to buy. However, the biggest financial cost is the failure to get the best price which is why your choice of agent counts.

  2. Emotional costs: these vary from seller to seller and are particularly high for those who have lived in and loved their property for many years. Agents who care about their clients take time to consider the emotional costs.

  3. Opportunity costs: this is the cost of not selling. Consider what will you be giving up if you don’t sell? Or is selling the right decision for you at this moment? A good agent can help you to weigh up these costs which can affect your future.

What are the costs associated with selling your property? 

Selling real estate is not an everyday experience for most, however it is for us. We can support and guide you whilst helping you to avoid unnecessary costs and stress. We are here to help you get where you want to go.