3 way to make more money when you sell


Most people will sell real estate at least once in their lifetime and the decision will either cost you money or earn you money. It’s that simple.

For some, selling can be an emotional experience. For most, it is the biggest financially impacting event they will ever encounter. Get the sale process wrong and you could lose thousands of dollars you will never get back. Get it right and you could maximise your financial position considerably.

Here are 3 ways to help you understand how you can make more money when selling your property:

MARKETING: Appoint an agent who will pay the marketing costs and other associated fees, saving you on average $3,000

CONVEYANCING: Appoint an agent who will assist with documentation, saving you on average $500

NEGOTIATION: Any Agreed Price VS Highest Price

The first two ways are important and very straightforward. The third way, Negotiation, is even more important, needs explanation and requires your full attention. You see, real estate agents are typically not trained negotiators. They are ‘commission paid’ therefore ‘commission focused. NO SALE = NO PAY

But what does this actually mean? 

A poor negotiator is likely to lose 2%, if not more, of your property’s true value.
An average negotiator may or may not achieve the true property value.

A trained and skilled negotiator can obtain at least 2% more than the property’s true value.

To ensure you achieve your best financial outcome, it is important to understand how ‘Any Agreed Price vs Highest Price’ works in your own situation. When the time comes to sell, do you want more money in your pocket? To know how these 3 ways work for you, one of our Property Sales Specialists can help you calculate the difference. Give our team a call on 0488 972 888 to arrange a suitable time to talk.