Should I renovate before I sell?


This is a question most home-owners will ask themselves, especially before making the decision to sell. Whether it is a bathroom refresh, a new paint job or a full kitchen overhaul, these tasks can be both stressful, and often, much more expensive than first thought.

What should you do to your property that will add both SALEABILITY and VALUE without unnecessary time, effort and expense?

The real estate industry can be very good at spending other people’s money! Staging for photos, a fresh paint job inside and out, garden landscaping… these are all suggestions you may hear from a potential sales agent.

So, what are the priority actions to do that will save you stress and make you money when your house is sold? And what jobs should you not worry about?

You may be surprised to learn that some simple, efficient and savvy actions can make a world of difference.

Every property is different but here is a list of jobs that apply to every seller:

  • Declutter! Whilst you love the photos of your family and friends, buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home. Removing sentimental items and photographs can help buyers see beyond your décor and furnishings and hopefully they will see their new home.


  • Clean! If you don’t love cleaning (who really does) then now is the time to consider hiring someone to clean every corner of your home. The pesky shower screen, skirtings and cornices, window sills and kitchen splash backs build up grime over time. Make sure your property is clean before photographs are taken and the first inspection takes place.


  • Fix! If a curtain rod is crooked, a dripping tap or flaking paint on the outdoor trims, these little things can add up to a big ‘fix’ bill in the mind of a buyer. If possible, take a walk from the front of your home to the back and look at every surface to see what needs to be repaired. Make a list of what you can do yourself and what you may need some help with. You don’t need to replace that curtain rod unless it’s broken but by straightening it up, you’ll ensure it blends with its surroundings.


  • Weed! When a buyer looks at your property on the internet, they will make an instant decision on whether to browse through more photos or move on, just by looking at the front of your home. A garden full of weeds and unkempt lawns will look like a big job for any buyer. If you can, take an afternoon or two to remove weeds, mow the lawn, rake up leaves and clear up Rover’s little doggie presents.

Beyond these four tasks, you may have a list of renovations, paint jobs and landscaping that you would like to do but this is where I encourage you to speak to us. Not every job needs to be done before you sell. We can help you with a clear and precise action plan to help you prepare your property for sale. Eliminate stress and add real value.

Call the CE Property Group sales team on 0488 972 888 to arrange an appointment to discuss how you can add real value to your property before you sell.