Do you homework early


Most people don't take the time to plan well enough for the sale of their property. Often, the decision is made because circumstances have changed or an opportunity has arisen from left field. Changes to the real estate market can make prices go up or down.

Opportunities such as the state of the real estate marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic are not every day occurrences. The value of your property during that time could have changed significantly as interest rates have risen and buyer demand has changed. Remember, for every surge in the market there is eventually a fall and there is no crystal ball which can give you a guaranteed prediction of the future of the real estate market.

This is why we recommend you do your homework early. So what do we mean by homework?

  • Research recent sale prices in your area along with what properties are currently on the market
  • Speak to your local real estate agent and ask for their advice and guidance
  • Read their past client reviews on Google, their social media channels and their website (don't rely on only one source)
  • Consider what you expect from an agent. It's important that you feel you can trust the agency you appoint to work for you, not just treat you like a number.

CE Property Group can help you with the things to look out for, cost saving tips and tricks, questions to ask agents you speak to and what to expect throughout the selling process. With our trusted team approach, we can help you get the very best price when the time does come for you to move on.

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