Lookers vs Buyers... Do you know the difference?


Have you ever attended an open inspection and witnessed the nosey neighbours taking a look through a home? Or maybe you've had an open inspection for a property you owned. Did you worry about who was coming into your home?


A ‘looker’ usually attends an open inspection for the purpose of interest or just a sticky beak and the agent hopes they are a buyer. A ‘buyer’ is someone who has the desire and capacity to buy a property that suits their needs.


Our agents know the difference between competing buyers and casual buyers (the lookers) and how each can make a significant difference to the selling experience; financially and mentally.


Knowledge of a buyer’s emotional wants, property requirements and financial capabilities is a strong foundation to a stress free and successful result for sellers. Using this information, our agents can ensure that the right people are inspecting your home.


We have competing buyers on our database, ready to buy now, so you don’t need to spend advertising money trying to find them.


Who do you really want inside your home? A looker or a buyer?

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