Fantastic! You've found a property which suits your wants and needs and now it's time to place an offer. This step can be both exciting and daunting, so we've provided several options to help you place an offer in a way that suits you.

Option 1: Complete an Online Offer Form
Click here to complete and submit your offer electronically.

Option 2: Download, complete and return our form
Download the 'Notice of Proposal to Purchase' which can be printed, completed and returned to us by SMS, email or hand delivery.

Option 3: Talk to us
If you would prefer to speak with someone about making your offer, or if you require assistance, please call our Sales team on 0488 972 888.

Things to consider before making an offer (Due Diligence)
  • Have you spoken with a mortgage broker or bank so that you understand your lending capabilities? Please be aware that different areas and different types of properties may have different lending criteria. Ideally you should have pre-approval for finance for the area and type of property you wish to purchase.
  • Do you need to sell a property to buy the property you're interested in? If so, have you spoken to an agent about this process?
  • Have you considered any conditions you may wish to have included in your offer. Conditions are placed in the contract to protect you as the purchaser. These can include: obtaining finance, the sale of an existing property, satisfactory building and/or pest inspections, etc.
  • What about price? We encourage you to put forward your best price to strengthen your proposal to be the purchaser of the property. There may be multiple offers and you may not have another opportunity to increase your original offer. Remember to stay within your comfortable budget.
  • Carefully read the Form R3 - Buyers Information Notice (click here to access PDF)
  • Have you factored additional costs into your budget? These may include stamp duty, moving costs, immediate renovation costs (if any), legal/conveyancer fees, etc.
What happens next?

Once we receive your information on the completed offer form, your proposal will be prepared in contract form for you to review and sign. This is also a good opportunity for your conveyancer, land broker or lawyer to review the proposal.

Putting your proposal in contract form allows you to clearly see what is included in or excluded from the sale, any easements, encumbrances, encroachments, settlement/condition dates, etc.

Your proposal will then be presented to the Vendor for consideration. Should your offer be accepted, and the contract signed by the Vendor, you will receiver further information about the next steps. This will include details of important contract dates, when the cooling off period will commence and when the deposit is due. 

We will keep in touch throughout the process, guiding you through right up until you receive the keys for your newly purchased property. 

Should you have any questions about the offer process, please give our team a call.